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Rigging Fundamentals Webinar

Class Size:
General Description:
This interactive on-line course is designed for personnel who rig loads for lifting by cranes and for their supervisors.  Floor crane operators and others working with overhed cranes will benefit from this comprehensive Rigging Fundamentals course.  Our live instructor will be able to answer your questions and cover important course material and concepts.

Students will receive a Course Workbook in advance of the scheduled course along with a pocket handbook which highlights good and bad rigging practices, sling capacities and how to calculate unknown loads.
Course Objectives:
• Identify safe rigging practices
• Conduct prior to use inspections
• Understand basic rigging principles
• Load weight determination
• Turning loads
Course Outline:
• Rigging Equipment
-Rigging Standards
-Risk Management
-The Basic Rigging Plan
-Rigging Terminology
-Good & Bad Rigging Practices

• Slings & Inspection Criteria
-Wire Rope Slings
-Chain Slings
-Nylon Web Slings
-Metal Mesh Slings
-Endless Slings

• Rigging Fundamentals
-Safe Rigging Practices
-Calculating Load Weight
-Rigging Calculations & Exercises
-Center of Gravity
-Turning Loads

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